Behold, Tracey and Yellow!  I was going to make this a more complete piece, but once I blocked out the colors, I just kinda stopped.  I might touch up on it later, but for now, it’s done.

I’ve shipped these two for a few years now.  I adore them.  If it weren’t for HandymanShipping, this would totally be my Pokemon OTP. :U I mean, c’mon, cutesy artist kids, how was this not a thing years ago?!

As far as I know, this has no ship name.  If I had to give it one, I’d call it Tea&CoffeeShipping, after the staining techniques.  They’re both artsy fartsy kids whose debuts were over a decade ago, so the “aged look” aspect of the name fits on a more meta level, and I’d like to think that the drinks themselves represent them pretty well.  I could go on, but I won’t.

26 notes   June 2nd 2013
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